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Add Our 5 Star 3 Year Replacement Warranty To Any Monitor

Screen Failure

IPSLEDMONITORS.com will cover dead pixels (any amount), uneven backlighting or discoloration, total backlight or screen failure, screen flickering or any intermittent screen display issues.

Electrical or Mechanical Failures

IPSLEDMONITORS.com will cover any mechanical or electrical failure that inhibits use of monitor. This includes On Screen Display (OSD) mechanical and capacitive touch interface, power button, bezel and monitor mount, monitor stand, input video interface (electrical or mechanical), monitor power interface (electrical or mechanical), or any electrical or mechanical failure not listed herein that results in degraded use of monitor.

3 Year Replacement Warranty

IPSLEDMONITORS.com will provide a 3-year replacement warranty to purchasing customers of qualified products. In the event of any above-mentioned screen, electrical, or mechanical failures IPSLEDMONITORS.com shall execute a one-time limited replacement of monitor at no additional cost to customer. Monitor replacement is subject to available stock, and if unavailable, will be substituted with equivalent.

IPSLEDMONITORS.com 3 Year Replacement Warranty purchase must be completed within 30 days of initial product order. Warranty becomes effective immediately following warranty purchase for a period no more than 3 years from the original product order date. Warranties are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

IPSLEDMONITORS.com 3 Year Replacement Warranty explicitly covers failures that result from normal use. Issues not covered include, but are not limited to: damage resulting from misuse or failure to perform proper maintenance, cosmetic damages that do not result in degraded use of monitor, included accessories: power adapter, power cable, or video interface cable, incompatibility with software or interfaced hardware, normal wear to any non-operating parts which does not affect the functionality of the product.

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